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promotional solutions

Cars make great promotions too, and ADTRUCKS can provide the solution.

Tell us your preferred style or colour, or see our car listings for more details. There's a choice of ranges to suit various needs and budgets, from popular 3 inch / 75mm size up to larger 1.24 and 1.18 scale models wiith full detail.

3 inch / 75mm Cars               view S3X cars

Range includes S3 Mini Cooper, S3 Traditional Taxi, S3 VW Camper Van & C22 Model T Ford Van.
Then we also have a good selection of  superior S3X Cars including  Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and others - and a selection of Sports Cars which could be the answer if you can't find the Ferrari etc you're looking for! From sports cars to saloons, estates & SUVs, or even construction & farm vehicles.  Full list here

NEW MINI COOPER - choice of sizes and colours

  • S3 series 7cm / 3 ins long in CLASSIC COLOURS
  • - red, blue, white
  • S3 budget series 7cm long in green with white roof
  • S4 with pull back motor and opening doors, 9.5cm long, in yellow
  • Also in 1.24 and 1.18 scale collector models with full detail inside and out

RACING CAR C41 - full speed ahead for your promotions!

  • Make a flying start to your promotion with this exclusive pull back and go racing car.
  • Length 12cm / 4.5 ins, white with silver or blue upper body, and up to five print positions.